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Tree Healthcare-Experts-Pro Tree Trimming & Removal Team of West Palm Beach

You must have noticed some holes in the leaves of your landscaped trees. Or, have you ever wondered what is causing your trees to have less foliage cover compared to what they used to have in previous years? Everything boils down to one bitter truth; disease or pest infestation. There is an increased number of insects and diseases that infect trees. Most of the trees do not have a natural resistance to these attacks, and the caretaker is called upon to offer remedies. Sadly, you can just be an ordinary homeowner with little to no knowledge of pests and tree diseases.

Our tree healthcare services ensure that your trees survive the attacks even if you don’t have any clue about tree health and tree doctoring. Many signs will show you that something is wrong with your trees. These are summarized below:

  • You will need our tree healthcare services if your trees start to lose leaves prematurely
  • When your trees develop weak branches that easily snap or are infected by the disease
  • Watch out for the bark of your trees’ trunk. If you notice peeling, cracking, or fungus growth, then contact us.
  • The root system can also have problems that are not easily identifiable. If your trees have slow growth and discoloration of leaves, then you should suspect roots or the soil.

Our tree healthcare services are very vibrant and will not let your trees suffer from the above signs. We will be able to identify any problems on time and take the necessary actions to salvage the situation. West Palm Beach Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team have arborists who will carry out landscape watchdogging around your yard. This will allow us to spot any abnormal growth of any trees and take timely action.

We also carry out soil management practices. Soil offers anchorage and supplies vital nutrients needed by the trees to grow. However, it can also harbor pests that attack the roots and consequently kill your trees. Our team will inspect the soil for any pests or diseases and apply necessary measures to eradicate them before they launch their attack. Additionally, our arborists can keep any bacteria and fungi under control enabling your tree to have a long healthy life.

Alongside soil management, our professionals will carry out tests on the soil nutrient level and constituents. If any vital nutrient needed for the healthy growth of your trees is found missing or just inadequate, then it is supplemented with fertilizers. This is a straightforward process that is done to make sure that the trees access nutrients in the right quantities. Lack of enough nutrients can be misdiagnosed for other diseases. Our specialists eliminate any chances of making such a gross error.

Why would you need our tree healthcare services?

Our services ensure the best for you and your trees. Here are the benefits that you stand to gain if you choose our services:

  • Perfect trees that are of the right shape
  • Improve trees’ lifespan
  • Elimination of diseases and reduction of chances of pests’ attack
  • Steady tree growth

Here is a list of our tree services you can get at West Palm Beach Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team:

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