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Tree Assessments-Pros-Pro Tree Trimming & Removal Team of West Palm Beach

Are you sure that your trees are stable enough to resist storms or the weight of snow? How sure are you that your trees can hold, and that your property and your loved ones are safe? The trees that you think to be safe may be quite hazardous. You may not know about this as some trees have internal structural defects that you can only see when the trunk is cut. Some trees that stand in your yard today may be having those defects, but as a property owner, you get deceived as you cannot see the defects. You may be waiting to see if the tree is leaning on one side or is showing signs of breaking not knowing that you are just waiting for a disaster.

Diseased or pest-infested trees are more susceptible to tree failures that are less predicted. When a pest gets into the tree trunk, it causes the death of the tree which normally begins from the inside as the pest eats the wood. This slowly spreads to the entire trunk and may go unnoticed until the entire tree dies or breaks. Diseases also affect the structural stability of your trees. Don’t wait until the unexpected happens. West Palm Beach Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team tree company offer professional tree risk assessment that you can rely on to prevent disaster.

Tree assessment that is done with our experts is aimed at finding out which of your trees are vulnerable to breakages from external forces such as strong winds and storms. We will find out if the trunk and other branches are strong enough to hold the extra weight that can be added when snow accumulates on the tree foliage. Some tree species also have heavy foliage or even fruits. It should be able to bear this weight as well.

The assessment is done by first conducting a visual inspection or evaluation to try to identify any visible defects. These may be identified as trees leaning on one side, cracks on the trunk, and at the junction where the branches join the trunk. You will be asked how the tree behaves when there is wind and if you can hear any cracking sounds from the trees. Trees’ health will also be evaluated as diseases are the major contributors to structural failure. The last assessment will be done to identify if the tree trunk is still in one piece. Some have died from inside and hollows in the trunk are clear indicators that the tree will not withstand any external forces.

When our experts are done assessing your trees, a report will be handed over to you indicating the results of the assessment and the immediate course of action to take to save your trees or to protect your property against foreseen disasters. You may be advised to cut down the trees if it is not possible to rectify the trees’ conditions. If you are lucky, then a simple bracing and cabling will do to save the affected trees.

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