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Deep Root Injection-Pros-Pro Tree Trimming & Removal Team of West Palm Beach

Deep root fertilization/injection is the use of a pipe or injector tool to supply a fertilizer mixture to the root zone of the tree. This special solution is supplied below the ground level just around the root level, usually about 30-35 cm below the ground. The root can access the nutrients directly from this point as it is the purpose of deep root feeding. The process is repeated for every tree that you have in your yard. Deep root fertilization is done to make the trees that are not thriving due to lack of enough nutrients so that they can get the supplements that will make them grow better. This procedure is done about once or twice a month. So, don’t think it will drain your pocket.

Deep root injection is not like any other tree care that you can do by yourself. For you to fully benefit from this exercise, you need an experienced arborist to do it for you or at least oversee the process if you insist on doing it yourself. West Palm Beach Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team have professionals who have experience in doing deep root injection. We have done it to different clients and we don’t see the reason why we would fail in yours.

Deep root injection is all about getting the right root location and mixing the fertilizer according to the tree’s requirements. That is why you really need to depend on the professionals s you don’t have the knowledge of testing the soil to know which fertilizer combination is needed by the trees. There is also no means by which you will get to know the exact location of the nutrient-absorbing roots.

We know all these sound Greeks to you, but you should not worry as it is not within your jurisdiction to know all this arboriculture jargon. All you need to do is to entrust the job to the hands of our professionals who deeply understand the processes and procedures involved in this operation.

Our arborists will prepare a special fertilizer solution that will ensure that your trees get all the nutrients that they need to thrive season after season. This process ensures that the nutrients are delivered exactly to the root location as opposed to topdressing where the fertilizer can be used by other shrubs or even washed away by rain. Roots also require nutrients to grow properly and to be able to absorb nutrients and offer anchorage. Deep root injection is such a method that will ensure that the roots are fed, which in turn, takes nutrients to the rest part of the plant.

Deep root injection has the right time for it to be applied. Our arborists know all about it and will only do it at the right time so that your trees can maximumly benefit from it. You also need to water the trees for some time after deep root fertilization as our experts will advise. Contact us for more information.

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